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Online Running Course

Your clients asked you how to run, right? At first, it was a bit of a funny question. Who doesn’t know how to run? But then you realised… you’ve actually never been taught, nor taught to run. Running,

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Olympic Weightlifting Online Course Level 1

Looking to add finesse to your training services? Want to add athleticism to your clientele? Ready to add variety to your barbell training? Become a leader in barbell training with Olympic Weightlifting. Watch as your clients become stronger,

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Powerlifting Online Course Level 1

Are you looking to empower your clients with the feeling of strength? Do you want to be an authority in barbell strength training? Ready to teach your clients to lift heavier and stronger? The M3 Powerlifting Online Course

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M3 Barbell Curriculum – Free Trial

The M3 Barbell Curriculum – Free Trial contains two entire modules from both ‘The Big 3 Level 1’ and ‘Olympic Weightlifting Level 1’. In this trial, you will get complete access to the ‘Clean’ module from ‘Olympic Weightlifting

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M3 Barbell Bundle

Want to become a barbell specialist? Join Commonwealth Games Weightlifter and Nationals Level powerlifting Coach, Phillip Liao and Daniel Lucchini in this 2 in 1 special with both Olympic Weightlifting Online Level 1 and Powerlifting Online Level 1

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Online Pelvic Floor Course for Coaches

Join Women’s Health Physiotherapist, strength athlete and personal trainer Julia Hlaing as she breaks down the myths and considerations surrounding women’s pelvic floor. Train your clients effectively, safely and stress-free with our online pelvic floor course, created especially

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