The Most Powerful Question in Learning

The Most Powerful Question in Learning If you’re in the craft of teaching, this is one of the most powerful questions you can ask. Not only does it accelerate the speed of learning for your student. It also saves you time by helping you IDENTIFY where the road blocks are. Where is my learner struggling? […]

We Can See the Future

We Can See The Future No… not that ‘woo woo’ shit that you’re thinking. I’m not relying on any ‘4th dimension’ magic. Or a crystal ball. There’s no tarot card reading. It’s simply a scenario that you can see happen repeatedly, because it has happened repeatedly, across different people, and across different time periods. It’s […]

Masks of a Coach

The Masks of a Coach You know what I’m talking about, right? If you’re a seasoned coach, you’ll be familiar with what I’m about to say. We all have to put masks on. It’s the persona who has to show up depending on the person in front of us. It’s why you become so adept […]

People Pay you for your Expertise

People rarely pay you for your education. They pay you for your expertise. But what is expertise – you ask? Expertise is your experience plus education. One of the benefits of formal education is that it organises knowledge into a logical chunks for you to learn. On the whole, this is a fantastic way to […]

The Marketing of Fitness and Actual Fitness

The Marketing of Fitness and Actual Fitness What’s the last fitness ad you watched? Was it a video montage of chiselled men and women sweating their asses off, doing some seemingly crazy movement? Were they all RIPPED? I bet they were. Did it give you a burning desire to BE the person in that video? […]

Best Tool for Behaviour Change

The Best Tool for Behaviour Change It’s been clear for many years that one of the greatest struggles of all health professionals is getting their clients to change their behaviour. People hate change. They don’t want to change. They want to improve. But hardly do they want to experience change. That’s because change usually requires […]

Bringing Balance Back to Discipline

Bringing Balance Back to Discipline The pendulum is always swinging from one extreme to the other. Like most ideas, anything taken to the extreme must eventually swing back the other way. Hyper-rigidity in organisational structure can only work for a time before those involved become shackled by the very thing that led to their initial […]

How do we coach consistency?

How do we coach consistency? I just find it SO hard to be consistent… said your client, for the twentieth time this year. As a coach, you’re pulling your hair out, trying to figure out how you can help them be consistent. What is it about this person that makes consistency so hard? How is […]

You’ll show THEM

I’ll Show Them After I lose weight, I’ll show THEM. After I lift this weight, I’ll show THEM. I’ll prove THEM wrong. I’m sure there’ve been many instances in your coaching career where you’ve been on the receiving end of these phrases. It usually begins with you asking the client why they’ve decided to pursue […]

What is the best shape of your life?

What does the best shape in your life… even look like? BE in the best shape of your life. Look AMAZING. Get the body of your dreams. Be the ENVY of the gym. Let me ask you a question. When you think of being fit and healthy, what is the first image that comes to […]