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A Sypnosis of the M3Initiative

Never before in the history of the Health and Fitness Industry has there been a greater time of confusion.

There’s a lot information out there. Almost too much, in fact.

And yet, confusion in health is everywhere. 

Why? Because it’s not how much information we have that’s important – it’s how it is used. 

This is why the M3 Initiative was established. We want to provide information that is insightful, practical, and leaves you with clarity. This way you can focus on what you do best – improving the lives of your clients. 

Our values


“Movement is our most valuable commodity.”

Keeping your development simple

With so much content being produced on a daily basis – how do we know who to trust?

It’s just not enough to hold a qualification, especially when it comes to further learning. You also need expertise. 

At the M3Initiative, we tackle this problem by producing courses that are created by experts with the qualifications AND the expertise. 

Our course presenters have merged their expertise and technical knowledge to develop courses that contain useful information AND practical advice. 

As you strive to become a better coach everyday, we strive to prepare you for the challenges you’ll face in your career.

Personal training shouldn't be a side hustle

For too long, personal training or coaching has been seen as a side hustle.


Your impact is powerful. 

When you help create healthy individuals, you are creating healthier communities. And healthy communities create healthier nations. 

We believe your role will shape the future. It shouldn’t be just a side hustle.